Killing Motive, A Senseless Term

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Killing Motive, A Senseless Term

Killing Motive, A Senseless TermI suggest that possibly that police manpower or police power be directed elsewhere. For example, what if the police find that the motive of a man killing his wife was because his wife would not stay in the house? Does that mean that it’s the wife’s fault for not staying in the house and that is why she was killed (hence, the motive was to keep the wife isolated)?

Only the killer can stop the killer:

Suppose the motive was that the killer wanted the person’s money or possessions, and they find that was the motive, does that mean the person could have prevented his own killing by giving up the money? Does that mean that the victim had a part in his own murder? No. It doesn’t mean that, but it certainly sounds like that when newspapers and media demand to know the motive for killing. And the media should not even be concerned about motives.

Sometimes it is so obvious:

why search? Some of the most ridiculous stories that we hear on the news is when a guy kills his wife and he was caught red-handed and confessed, and yet the media are still looking for the motive. Let me save you some footwork and investigative work. When a man kills his wife or when a guy kills his girlfriend the only motive for the killing is to control the wife or girlfriend. Case closed; motive found. Most likely this kind of story sells newspapers and so, page after page after paper after paper looks for the motive.

Honor the victims and families:

hide the murderers’ stories, to the victims and their families, they all know that those lines or stories about the police looking for the motive sicken them to death.

The motive was to kill:

The motive is killing. Some cowardly, controlling individuals simply want to kill people and they do it just because they want to -for whatever reason they have deluded themselves with, they simply want to kill. They think they can do and then they do it.

Media can change things:

It’s just plain ridiculous to think that someone, that society needs to know why they killed. Only the killer (and God) can stop a killing. Knowing the motive cannot stop the killing. Who the heck cares why? We just care that someone innocent was murdered. We just care that justice is served and the killer gets behind bars and stays there for a very long time. That’s all.

To the public:

when the newspapers put the murderers’ pictures on the front page, do not pay money for that newspaper. Let us show in force that we will not pay money for the picture of a murderer on the front page. Let us show that we will not support any newspaper that has a murderer’s face on the front page. Maybe that will change the way that we are given the news. Front pages are for heroes and murderers are not heroes. What prompted me to write this article was that today, there was another story about a man who stabbed his wife and stabbed his child and near the end of the story, and the media said that police are still looking for the motive.

We, as a society concerned about innocent people, need to stop giving publicity to murderers and to their motives and begin focusing more on the families, the victims, on helping heal them. Yes some kill to be a hero on the front page. Our newspapers need to stop giving murderers exactly what they want.

What good is it to focus on motive?

The motive is that he wanted his wife and child dead. Period. End of story. The man was a murderer and he demanded that they be dead. That was his motive. No one could have prevented this murder except God and except the murderer. In God’s arms, this woman and child stay, and we hope that in the arms of a maximum facility, this murderer stays.


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